Sunday, January 14, 2007

iPhone 分析

2007 Macworld Apple Inc. 所發表的iPhone
在CEO Steve Jobs 近乎完美的介紹中

Min Min 除了再次佩服Jobs的講演能力

1) User Interface:
Multiple Touch Screen 是否真的可以創造優於"blackberry全字母QWERTY 鍵盤"的出入介面?

2) API:
Apple 電腦會提供 third party 其iPhone 的API ,使得iPhone的功能更加千變萬化嗎?

3) 3G:

4) Partnership:
iPhone的出現是apple 與 google, yahoo, 及 cingular ...等廠商的協力下誕生的
還是會阻礙其API 公諸於世的時程呢?

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Elevator talk of YouSale

Draft v1
Reveal the true value of digital contents is the mantra of YouSale. By building up unique market mechanism that foster the interation between sellers and buyers sides, YouSale allows buyers to dig out the valuable contents, and the sellers to buildup reputation and out reach for investment on their projects. We leverage on the free video-sharing website as our promotion channels and free P2P platforms as distrbuting methods. Then YouSale will be the center of market and charge membership fee and commissions from sellers , like ebay. For independent content sellers, we are the ideal place to hit the buzz under true price evaluation, and get notice of conventional distributors, like studios, Tv channel,etcs. For commercial content sellers, YouSale is the best partner on the new online distributing channel with total control of price and quota by the sellers, and we provide total solution of Digital Right Management and analysis of costs and benefits. To sum up, just sale it your way into the future on YouSale.

YouSale Notes

1. The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business Is Selling Less of More
The first target in YouSale is Indie which is a small group so how to leverage the long tail of the future business.
2. Widget of YouSale to monitor the market whenever and whereever..

The art of start by Guy kawasaki...

Someone just told me that this is really a great book.

So yesterday I borrowed it and let's see how it'll effect me.

Chpater 1
  • Make Meaning: If my organization never existed, the world would be worse off because people will be getting used to the productions of big entertainment companies and getting used to the similiar trend, and forgetting how to appreciate the story and talent in their neighborhood which mean people's thoughts will be controled by such big companies in stead of people themselves.
  • Make Mantra: In only the sapace provided, write your organization's mantra: "Reavel true value" (tags line: "sell it your way")
  • Get Going: Take you best shot with a prototype, immediately get it to market, and iterate quickly.
  • YouSale's business model: It charges a membership fee and a commission.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Mr. horse I'll never ride you again.....

In this morning, I was planning to write something like the fun at "Sea Horse Ranch". But as you can see, now I just feel like horse riding is really not my type....

Anyway, Sea Horse Ranch is not that bad actually. Here's the location info.

I guess it's just because the wrong rider on the wrong horse. We went in a group of 10 earlybirds (SPECIAL "EARLY BIRD"
TRAIL & BEACH RIDE apx. 2 HRS $35 (save $25 ea.)). And I still don't know how we made it at 6:50am in the morning that 10 people actually gathered to the ranch in half moon bay. So 8:00am in the early morning, 10 STSAers, most of us newbies for horse riding, finished all the documents without knowing the content : ( and were ready for the bumpy ride, at least for me....

Sea Horse Ranch is the biggest Ranch at half moon bay. Although it's called sea horse ranch, we were actually riding horses at the sea. There're almost 20 earlybirds in the morning with 4 guides on the both side, back and front of the group. And I just can't help blaming that my Amigo guide just didn't teach me enough and my saddle was really not that fit with me and I can bearly set me feet on the tapadera. I guess other people might feel the same as me. These Amigo just treat us like experience riders which most of the Americans really are. Ok, so far every is still cool untill I found out my big fellow really like to RUN......

Ever since I mounted on Nisty (weired horse name..), she just like to go her own zigzag route to eat some flowers or disturb our horses. Maybe is the trainning that everytime after she stoped, she just ran like crazy to catch up with others and did her best to disturb otheres. No doubt at the moment I have to keep on saying sorry to other scaried riders and telling myself that my ass wan't really that hurt.....

Anyway, for all my friends, I just want to tell you that I will definitely take you guys here when you visit me to feel the same joy and hurt with me.

Oops, forgot to thank my beautiful wife Fanny who support me with laughters and tears so that I can finish the bumpy 2 hr ride.

Please see the pics.....

Nice one line.....


What a good day...

Mom I'm running

Learn to go with my guts....

Almost one year, I have been here at Stanford.

The time passed so fast that I've not yet understood the intrinsic objective of my journey.

However, lots of things have happened and I know it's time to go on with my guts, just stop hesitating like you used to.

To keep a record of my journey, I'm here to start blogging.